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Raindrop Financial Corporation is a privately held investment company based in South Florida and focused exclusively on acquiring multifamily properties with substantial upside, while pursuing a value-add strategy. 


We primarily seek markets with emerging and sustainable economic characteristics for investment in multifamily residential assets through both acquisitions and development, while being mindful to complement and enhance the unique characteristics of the communities we serve. 

 Our highly skilled commercial real estate associates oversee the entire cycle of all multifamily acquisitions guaranteeing maximum returns to each Accredited Investor. This also includes financing, construction/renovation, stabilization, and exit strategies.

About Us

Our Portfolio


RFC has the ability to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns in every stage of the market cycle. Our success is attributed to the combination of our innovative investment approach, rigorous due diligence, and asset management practices. Together with our strategic partners, we acquire assets across the United States. After repositioning and stabilization, we generate higher yields. Our portfolio includes multifamily properties throughout the U.S. which allows us to offer divers, strategic, tax-incentive investments to our partners, creating the highest potential for cash flow and sustainable passive income.

Our Team


By co-investing with RFC, you allocate your capital alongside a highly specialized team of professionals, including attorneys, management companies, insurance agents, tax advisers, engineers, inspectors, and commercial brokers with a strong and constant track record.



Investors in our properties range from hedge funds and offshore institutions to individual investors using self-directed IRA's, who seek opportunities secured by Real Estate.


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